We're a few days into the new year, and no doubt your resolutions (whether big or small) are playing in the back of your head. We know that you're ready to kick some serious ass this year ('cause you're reading this article) so here at Lucky Girl we've put together a list of 5 things we have done to stick to our NY's resolutions or general goals in the past. Ready? Yip... 




  1. Picture it! 
    What do you want? To lose weight? To build a new business? To buy a house? Get incredibly clear on this one. If you want to lose weight, how much will make you happy? To build a business, what does that look like to you? And WHY do you want to achieve the goal you have in mind? From here, manifest in your mind what this looks and feels like. Use this feeling to drive you forward, and come back to this place when you're feeling pulled away from it. 

  2. Take small, realistic steps
    Now you know what you want, you need to get damn clear on how you're going to get there. Overwhelm will happen when you have big tasks on your list. Example: Building a new site is a BIG task, so break it down as much as possible and research any of the tasks you don't feel comfortable with, until you have the knowledge that you do feel comfortable to tackle it. If you feel out of your depth, you won't do it! 

  3. Lists will be your best friend 
    The daily grind of life can get hard (we know!) so make sure you wake up incredibly clear on what you need to achieve that day. We create our general lists the day before, so we can go to bed feeling excited about the day ahead. Another tip for list making, do your most tedious or scary tasks first (like making calls), then reward yourself with the fun ones (like posting to social). 

  4. Set checkpoints 
    Having your tasks is one thing, but having a deadline on them is another way to ensure you get it done. Even if you don't have anything on the go just yet, set a calendar slot every 1-3 months to at least check in with YOURSELF: Are you happy? Feeling accomplished? What would you like to change? These questions prompt action if you want something bad enough! 

  5. Have an accountability partner 
    This one is our favourite because it's Girl Gang AF! Know someone that also has the same (or similar) goals as you? Team up with them and check in with each other to ensure you're getting to where you want to be. If your partner is slacking, hit them up about it and both push to get back on track. We've found great success in doing this, cause no one likes being told off!! 

Our brand, Lucky Girl was able to come alive by following the above steps. Nothing lucky around here, just pure hard work and that's what we're all about. If you'd like to support us, you can purchase a tee here. Remember, $5 of every purchase goes to the NZ Women's Refuge.