At Lucky Girl, our brand would love nothing more than to have a seat allocated for everyone, but the real question comes down to whether you want to sit down.

This brand (and the business model) isn’t made for the faint hearted. We’re created on hard work (see here for how we did it), a badass attitude, and building trust between the consumer (that’s you!) and the brand (that’s us).

So what do we mean by that?


Hard work:
Shit yeah we worked hard to create Lucky Girl, it was the only way to do it. We wanted to push ourselves (FYI: By “we”, this is actually a one woman band) to create something that 100% makes sense and flows. Lucky Girl is for those hard workers that have their phone or laptop in hand every night, spend weekends taking the latest course in ‘how to be more confident’, and allocate at least 70% brain-space to their goals while creating a pathway to reach them. We’re the same, and that’s what Lucky Girl was built on. If you can’t relate to this, we’re not for you.

A Badass Attitude:
Sometimes you gotta put your big girl pants on, and just bloody do it! It may not be the attitude we feel all the time, but it is when it comes to reaching our goals. Lucky Girl is for not only the dreamers, but also the doers. If you’re throwing caution to the wind, and creating a life that you love with every step (or every few steps), we’re absolutely for you. If you’re sitting at your desk job, unfulfilled and watching the years go by, we’re not – Sad, but true!

Building Trust:
As our business model is based off mystery, you gotta put a whole lot of trust in us to buy one. Sure, we could have designed a t-shirt business that you can happily scroll through and choose from as you eat your lunch, but that’s not the risk we wanted to take for us and for you. We want our audience to have a surprise, something to look forward to, a rush of amazing dopamine, because we know that this is a rarity for women these days. If this gets you nervous, we’re not for you. But if you feel intrigued and excited, and you can trust in what we’re offering up, then we may be.

The reality is that Lucky Girl has to be a little cutthroat as a brand (and this was a hard one for us to push through), because sadly, if we appealed to everyone, we wouldn’t be producing something half as good for you.

Our brand would love nothing more than to have a seat allocated for everyone, but do you want to sit down? 

If you'd like to buy a tee, remember $5 of every purchase goes to the NZ Women's Refuge. If we don't have your size, hit us up!