For every girl constantly told how “lucky” she is for her job, relationship, body or lifestyle, this one’s for you. We know you busted ass to get here and now you shall be rewarded. 

This is Lucky Girl Tees, and $5 of every purchase goes to the NZ Women’s Refuge so badass babes can light the way for others. 

We design and print a new limited edition mystery tee bi-monthly and send it out to you. We like surprises around here, so keep tight lipped with what the print will be until you’ve received it - That’s half the experience. Also, we only produce as many tees as girls have ordered, so you’re either in or out each time. 

T-shirts are a staple in any girl’s wardrobe, we just want to provide ones you get excited about, with an experience that makes you feel special. We’re also helping other women in the process through donations, as we believe luck should be an opportunity for all. 

We’re proud to be made in NZ, with all designs created and printed here using quality 100% cotton As Colour tees - So you know it’ll stand up to the daily grind. 



Offering a special experience for busy women
We know you worked HARD for the life you live, that's why we started Lucky Girl, after all. We aim to deliver a unique and exciting experience that's more than just the tee you receive. Why? Because you should be rewarded for the life you lead, by a team that feel ya girl! 

Supporting women from all walks of life
Success doesn't start from day one, and can look like many different things. We see this. That's why through supplying Lucky Girl's with an awesome experience and treat, we're supporting the NZ Women's Refuge. 

Protecting the environment in the process
We're all about future proofing, and not adding to the problem of consumerism, that's why we're conscious about using quality items (100% cotton being a massive one), and ensuring we keep the local economy going. 


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