So how does this whole thing work? 
We create a print design every two months, and get it printed on AS Colour 100% cotton merch. If you've ordered a tee before the cut-off date (10th of the month of the tee), you'll receive your tee by the 30th of the month. Example: Order a July tee by 10th July, receive it by 30th July. We only print as many tees as orders made, so you've got to make sure you've ordered before the cut-off date to ensure you receive one. 

Lucky Girl donates $5 of every purchase to the NZ Women's Refuge, as we believe giving back and supporting fellow females is the least we can do while creating t-shirts for kickass babes like yourself. 

Why is the wait time so long? 
We know you want to get a tee ASAP, and we want to deliver one to you exclusively. That's why our wait time is minimum a couple of weeks - So you can be on the list, and be one of a handful that actually gets this tee. We don't make extras, we only make what we sell so you can guarantee when we say 'limited edition', we mean it. We also send our tees all at once so everyone can enjoy the surprise of what the print will be. 

Why don't I get to see the design before receiving it? 
That's half the experience! We want to run differently than your usual t-shirt supplier, offering a little mystery to make receiving your package that much more exciting - We think you deserve a little magic amongst the chaos of the daily grind, after all. But don't let fear of the unknown hold you back, as we offer a little sneak peek into the inspiration of each tee from the order page

I don't like my tee! What can I do? 
All t-shirts are thoughtfully designed with our key audience in mind (badass babes like you), but we understand that personal taste is exactly that. We don't accept returns due to change of mind, so you can either bless your sister with some new threads, or you've got a cute new PJ top. 

What sizing are we workin' with here? 
Our tees are an NZ regular fit, however check our order page images for specific measurements. As we've only made what was ordered, we're unable to offer an exchange sorry. 

If we don't have your size (i.e. you're a Lucky Guy that wants to get involved), email us here. If the demand is there, we'll get the stock added in for easy future ordering. 

I like one of your previous t-shirt designs, can I order it please? 
Oh thanks, Babes!! Unfortunately we don't reprint any previous tees. Why?  This would be unfair to those Lucky Girl's that put trust in us previously, and were lucky enough to be part of this run. If you like what we do on a whole, we recommend you order our current tee before the cut-off date. 

Are you NZ made? 
Our t-shirts are supplied by NZ brand, AS Colour who hand-pick worldwide factories with safe, fair, legal and humane working conditions. All tees through AS Colour are made Child Labor Free. From there, we have our t-shirts designed and printed in NZ, to be sent around the country to all our Lucky Girl's. 

I love what you're doing. How can I help? 
We love what YOU'RE doing, which is exactly why we're creating sweet tees for you. If you'd like to support us, please order one of our tees, wear it everywhere you go and tell everyone you know about them and what Lucky Girl is doing. A cheeky selfie won't hurt either! 
If you're an artist, please contact us here about collaborating and showcasing your work. 
If you're an influencer, please contact us here

Got another question? 
Contact us here!